We Offer:


Heavy Duty Logistic Vehicles

The right vehicles matched for your needs. Trucks, buses, municipal vehicles, intralogistics or the perfect combination.


Infrastructure, Green H2 Stations

H2Go takes care of the decarbonization of your commercial vehicle fleet. Intelligent networks from the production of green hydrogen, distribution and filling station infrastructure establish planning security and reliability.


Maintenance and Services

Your vehicle fleet is constantly on the move. Together with our vehicle partners, we take care of the maintenance and repair of your vehicles. A multitude of additional options from individualization to digital services and drivers seamlessly integrates zero emission logistics into your organization.


Concentrate on what you do best!

We take care of zero emissions

Powerful from the vehicle to the fuel with the right infrastructure to individual services


The All-In Solution

Location study for the infrastructure

h2go standortanalyse NEU

We analyze your location for the optimal integration of your commercial transport to the H2Go Network.

H2 refueling stations - concepts and commissioning

h2go konzeption NEU

We design the H2 refueling stations of tomorrow: intelligently cross-linked in our network and extendible for future application.

H2 production and distribution

h2go betankung NEU

Hydrogen can be produced by different methods. But the major part of the global hydrogen production is covered by fossil energy carriers. Only hydrogen produced by electrolyzers powered by green energy secures a CO2-free production. The green hydrogen is stored on site and transported to the hydrogen refueling station network.

Refueling station operation & Heavy duty vehicle refueling

h2go betrieb NEU

As an H2Go member, benefit from H2 contingents, cheap and green hydrogen and short waiting times.