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H2Go offers your company the logistic of tomorrow.

We offer you emission-free logistic vehicles and infrastructure accordingly to your products and transport routes simple, save as an all-in solution.


The vehicles

We rely on hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future in commercial vehicle logistics. Fuel cell engine vehicles combine the advantages of batterie electric and diesel engines.

Electric motors hit peak torque almost instantly to ensure fast start while emitting no harmful substances to the climate. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of battery fueled vehicles such as long charging times, short ranges, cold start, and additional weight are eliminated.

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H2Go at the NUFAM Karlsruhe

Quantron AG says „danke“ / „thank you“ to all visitors who visited our stand NUFAM Karlsruhe. We promised to present a world premiere at the worldwide largest commercial vehicles show in 2021. And we delivered: the hydrogen transporter Q-Light FCEV. Many reports from tv, radio and print media named us „highlight of the show“. VIP guests and…

H2Go GmbH cooperates with Quantron AG

Hydrogen as an alternative fuel is the future of electromobility. However, it is also a topic that brings with it a number of challenges that companies must master. That’s why e-mobility company Quantron AG and hydrogen specialist H2Go GmbH have now joined forces to pool the knowledge and expertise of both companies to offer a…


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